Micro Drill

  1. Micro Drill Bits

    Micro grain (Carbide) tungsten carbide rods made Micro Drill Bits in CNC machine can achieve precise roundness of hole created. The hole diameter it can achieve starts from 0.02 to 6.5 mm. We offer this micro drill at market leading price.
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  2. Micro Drill- Single Cutting Drill Bits

    Micro drill- single cutting drill bits is a cutting drill has a single flute for making hole in standard diameter. It can achieve desired holes without rough edges. This cutting micro drill can be availed from us at market leading price.
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  3. Micro Drill- 3 Cutting Edge Drill Bits

    Micro drill- 3 cutting edge drill bits is a three flutes drill that can drill holes of diameter ranging from 0.04mm to 1.35mm. The wall of round hole create is always smooth. Stability is the foremost advantage of using this micro drill with three bits.
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  4. Triple flute Drill Bits

    Use these triple flute drill bits in CNC machine, Hand drill, Electric drill or any other power tool or equipment to achieve dimensional accuracy and good surface quality. Made from tungsten carbide, these drill bits can cut different diameters and lengths.
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  5. Engraving Drill Bits

    Buy this engraving drill to process hard and brittle material. This single flute engraving drill has a chamfer whose diameter ranges from 0.1 to 3.175mm. It is ideal to be used in all process machining workshops and factories.
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